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360-Degree Axle Mounting

360-Degree Axle Mounting

The Axles and More by Joe LLC Swivel Axle Mount has a full 360-degrees of rotation.

It consists of a 3,000-pound spindle welded to a steel mounting plate with a six-bolt hub.

The hub bolts are used to secure the torsional axle suspension system to the framework of a cart or carrier.

The non-swivel mounting system can be bolted or U-bolted onto a cart or trailer.

Axles and More by Joe LLC’s Mounting Plate accepts the wobble-free 360-degree swivel torsional rubber-ride axle.  

The mounting plate can be welded or bolted to a carrier or cart frame.

The steel mounting plate is 11.75″ x 11.75″ and 3/8″ thick.

This wobble-free swivel axle suspension system can be used in many applications. It can replace most one-wheeled trailer suspension systems.

The torsional axle also can be used for:

  • A non-swivel load carrying axle
  • A front-steering axle
  • To help out the rear springs of a pickup truck
  • A rear carrier behind a fifth-wheel trailer
  • An on or off-road trailers and carts
  • A trailer tongue dolly
See us at Crystal Welding Inc., for cart and carrier details.

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